Simplex-IT provides various consultancy & implementation services in the new Digital arena to help organisations improve their digital footprint, transform their processes and aid business innovation. Building on automated processes allows our customers to delivery faster whilst remaining compliant.

CTO – As – A – Service

If you’re looking for technical help  at architect or CTO level we can help! Similar to new cloud models this could be “On-Demand”  when required or “Reserved” for a number of days a week or month. Obviously you only pay for what you use. We have experience with application development, forming development teams, improving the delivery process and of course applying the correct technical components for the job at hand. Customer, partner and/or investor relations go hand-in-hand with this role.

Cloud Architect

Thinking of moving to the cloud? Or have you moved already and want to expand on it’s services in a safe manner? Perhaps the costs are higher than expected and you’re seeking ways to reduce them? We have experience in both Azure & AWS with an eye for automation and cost efficiency.

New Technologies

  • Are you stuck in the traditional ways of development and keep failing to meet your deadlines? Let us help you make the transition to Low Code development based on Outsystems.
  • Struggling with understanding the BlockChain and how you can use it? Let’s discuss how this could be part of the landscape to enhance your business.
  • IoT and the convergence of OT/IT shall shape the world the coming years based on Industry 4.0. Let’s discuss the benefits of merging the two to make the world a better place!