About us

Frustrated at the waste of money, resources and computing power (both human and technical) at multiple organisations Simplex-IT came to life based on the following three concepts.

  • Simplify
    • Way of working to a more Agile and collaborative delivery model instead of heavy outdated processes
    • Technical architecture to a scalable and micro-manageable landscape instead of large legacy monoliths
  • Connect
    • To each other and  celebrate success together instead of playing the blame game of past days
    • Systems to each other in an open, automated way instead of disperate closed and proprietary applications
  • Innovate
    • Together and let ideas grow through trust and teamwork instead of behind closed doors for chosen few
    • With new emerging technologies and technical advancements in an automated and scalable way

Although the three can be applied seperately, by paying attention to all three one gains the most advantage and can aid in any Digital Transformation.

Simplex-IT prides itself on it’s leadership skills bringing new ideas to those in need of transformation in order to stay in the market. Over the years we have worked with companies large and small in both the EU and US to help them achieve their goals and we shall continue this as we move further with the integration of IoT, Big Data, BlockChain & Machine Learning in a cloud happy world.